Who? What? Where? Why?

Finding who you are starts with realizing who God says you are. I want to search deeper into the basics of the Gospel, the basics of discipleship, the simplicity of the Spirit, and how we can learn to love ourselves and others.

I hear it all the time. We shouldn't judge, we shouldn't be in other people's business, we shouldn't worry about what they are doing. I agree with this most of the time until I start hearing these same people say the opposite. Well I should carry their cross, well they just need someone to listen to, well we don't know what they are going through. Isn't this reason enough to always question ourselves? If we are not, then who is? If I have learned from bad decisions, shouldn't I share that with my close brothers and sisters?

It seems that, as humans, we can justify anything we want to regardless of what or why. We can justify it. Nobody can question our motives. Nobody has the right to say differently. But then we fail and we blame others for letting us fail. But wait. I thought you didn't want me in your business? I thought you said I didn't have the right to know what you were going through? We consistently make life overly complicated in an effort to be everything to everyone.

This site isn't about you, or me. So if I'm over myself, then you will have to be the same. My Heavenly Father set me free from me which means I am free from you. I only want to look inwardly and focus on a relationship that I was never taught to have. Religion sucks that way, and if you are chained to it then you can be set free as well. There are questions I am comfortable not having answers too, there are problems I know will fade away, I know my God is bigger than your knowledge. You can't take away my joy, peace, blessings and victory...you don't have the right, you didn't give them to me in the first place. I am a Son and you can be a Son or Daughter and walk with a peace beyond understanding that surpasses anything this fake world can give you. If you want to start that journey then keep coming back, start asking questions, seek and you will find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and the right door will open.

The first church that ever existed in Biblical history gave to each other everything anyone needed. What if this sick and selfish world did the same. We wouldn't have to donate $35.00 per month to end starvation. What I have would be yours, and what you have would be mine. We would take care of each other, pray with each other, laugh together, cry together, rejoice together, take care of the lost and broken together. Where have we lost our way? Do people just enjoy living in fear now? Do we enjoy living hopelessly from day to day? How broken is this world?

I spent the early years of my life clueless and confused by religion. The only leaders I had were athletic coaches who simply had a desire to coach. They weren't the greatest of men I'm sure, but they seemed to care. Not knowing who you are is like being an orphan. You wonder around life, aimlessly, listening to everyone you shouldn't. You constantly feel like you have to compete with others to show you are worth something. This normally leads to the feeling of never being good enough, or blaming others for what you do not have. A mindset of always being a victim starts to development deep in your mind and if that continues life doesn't get easier. What lies did you believe growing up? Did you think you weren't good enough? Did you believe the lies about needing to be perfect? Did that lead to down a path to depression? Suicide? Addiction?

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