This is My Introduction

I promise this isn’t something rehearsed, but I did write it down

not on my palms but I heard a voice, not an audible sound

I know what you’re saying, and yet, we haven’t even met

I’m just a kid from a coast with a degree, an unashamed mission, a vet

Before you listen, as if you were already, go ahead and start forming a one

line sentence to troll your way into internet fame, I mean it is the culture son

For those of you seeking answers and truth, let’s push forward shall we

I appreciate your desire to find truth while living in a false reality of lies built by

corrupt gov’ts, music, news, gossip, hearsay, and misguided diversity

If you’re like me, you're fed up

If you’re like me, your tired

If you’re like me, enough is enough

If you’re like me, to fill that emptiness in your soul is tough

If you’re like me, you don’t care that my skin is white, or my eyes are blue, or that we might have different opinions about what is true

I enjoy the divine uniqueness that radiates from your being that others call weird, ugly, awkward or abnormal - let’s make that the new normal

Shouldn’t we all promote how beautiful our differences are, if we did we would not have time for hate, racism, subjective offended-ness, or division

Instead maybe we could form a vision

If you feel like an outcast, a loner, or introvert who is pushed outside of the normal status quo

You are beautifully made by a creator who loves you and this truth you should know

Right now you might still be wiping away tears, ripped apart again but I want you

to stop believing that another failed relationship isn’t the end

When I say relationship I don’t necessarily mean with someone you thought you loved

it could have been a friend, family member, teacher, co-worker, peer, boss or the one above

See relationships are vitale on so many levels, I just named a few, but if you insist on

putting your hope in flesh and bones then prepare to always be disappointed

As smart as we love to think we are, in our inconsistencies, I just want you to know

you were not created for anything other than being appointed

You haven’t been set back, there’s no need to be upset, your Heavenly father has you set up

if you stumble, make a mistake, feel lonely, or hurt He will scoop you up

hold you in His arms and give you the strength to continue on another day but a relationship must become established between He and you

I know you’re hurt, angry, depressed, alone, confused, and life is one big mess

but just know Jesus doesn’t look at your past, He only sees a future for you so just say yes

Yes to letting Him in
Yes to surrendering your life
Yes to being made whole
Yes to live free
Yes to wiping the slate clean

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