NoMore Spoken Remix

Big man, you still there, yeah it's me, already know

running, frontin, stuntin, flesh putting on a show

lost & hurt, build a wall, send that flood, consume it all


20 plus years, it's hard to believe

At my soul's door, your voice still callin me

always there faint whisper - quiet place to hear

trusting in you -- what man shall I fear


Only faith can conceive, perfect ways so true

hands lifted in the sky, fire please consume

I'd give up my last breath if only to see you

Hard to imagine all things we've been through


ups and downs, trip and fall, rest on your shoulders through it all

Runnin blind in the night, givin’ you full control

Open arms waiting there, endless grace through those years

only you could see my heart, stumbling while I persevered

even with these scars, wearing all these stains, kept my eyes on you, always helped me to maintain


Black, red, blue, yellow, white and brown...all of your children's lives matter

politicians sit behind steel curtains, pockets keep getting fatter and fatter

Don’t you realize how they killing us slowly, and I ain’t talking about

Oooh La La La, It's the way that we rock when we're doing our thang

nah I’m talking about that rock, meth, and fast food chemically induced to rot our brains


If my brothers and sisters looked with eyes of love

wouldn’t we see that we’re made in the image from one up above

Division is the plan, poverty is the game….are you telling me that if we killed every racist faction in the world, removed guns, drugs and fame

that everyone would magically go back to being sane…

12 yrs of school isn’t helping so let’s dumb down a broken system, rip families apart and promote what we got cookin in the kitchen


Wealth knows no color, Greed knows no race, Poverty knows no age, but Hope makes us stronger, Love makes us hunger for UNITY, UNITY that spells unity.

Who killed our kings, who murdered our queens, images we see in the mirror make it seem...stop believing those lies, you are beautifully made uniquely, perfectly and fully in His eyes

A Father that loves you right where you are, He cries out “Bring me your scars and I’ll cover them”

Elohim, when will we stop ignoring HIM - beginning and end, alpha and omega

Don’t you know he made you a winner

Original Song (Listen) - This was my first original

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