Jesus Got My Back - Music Review

I saw that Chris Brown had a video labeled the same thing. That poor, lost soul is stumbling in the dark and let us pray that he is drawn to the One True Light and never returns to the darkness.

This isn't about Chris Brown, it's about them Jesus Boyz featuring II Crunk 4 Jesus and IamJustified. Both of which have new music out that you can put on replay all day to scare that weak enemy away. This song speaks truth, more importantly it is from their hearts. Hearts that have been made new by our Abba Father, and they aren't just making music about it. They walk the walk, talk the talk, and go where most self proclaimed Christians would never be found. Didn't Jesus say that we will know his followers by the fruit they produce?

Go and make disciples, love the lost, serve the least of these and you will be honored by your Father in Heaven. That is a motto many cry, but only few commit to.

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