What are You Living For?

"In this season of your life, I can see the hunger in your heart growing -- it is hunger to know Me. I have drawn you to Myself, not with a whip or a lash, but with cords of everlasting love. I see that your worship is real and that your heart is filled with a longing to be close to Me. I am the one who has given you these desires and I will satisfy your hunger to know Me. I have given you this appetite for the things of the Spirit. I am the One who has weaned you from the things of this life so that I could fill you with My life.

"I never tease you or play a hunger game. I give you the longing to know Me so that I can fulfill it. I intend to unveil Myself to you in this coming year in ways that will satisfy your cravings to be filled with Me. I give you these desires so that I can provide their fulfillment. You have said, 'Draw me Lord and I will run after You.' I have come to answer your prayer.  ~ The Passion Translation

We are all extremely busy with our day-to-day lives, especially during December right? I mean we wake up early, hardly awake in consciousness, just to get a jump-start on a repetitive day of multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is a lie the world has taught us to believe that we are giving 100% of our focus towards 10 different things. In reality we are only giving each task 10% of our real focus, which results in us allowing the missing 90% of focus from each task to turn into stress. We create unnecessary stress, it isn't floating around waiting for us to arrive at work. So take a deep breath, multiple times a day if needed, and just take each day one task at a time. Back to the original question. What are you living for?

What drives us to start our daily routines?

  • Security? Pride? 401K? Habit? Lack of Direction?

When we think of your purpose, what comes to mind?

  • A title? A salary? A house, car, vacation (that you never take)? Self respect?

Is it just a means to an end? For instance if we can keep a job long enough, save up enough money, and then achieve goals X or Y on a bucket list. Even if we're not a math wiz, our carnal minds will create complex equations of accomplishment that will justify everything we do or don't do in this life we take for granted. Our life was paid for by a greater cost, Heaven went bankrupt, by love greater than our understanding. This should be reason enough to stop and look at what might be becoming a repetitious life of mundane tasks that are making us miserable. Sadly, in all honesty, this world only has intentions to kill us slowly on the inside. This isn't living.

why-am-i-hereI know, first hand, of people who do these very things and I used to be one of them...placing their self-worth or value in a career with far off dreams of one day retiring into bliss. Then what? Will we be fulfilled then? If we were never fulfilled while traveling this road to reach such bliss, then why would we feel complete at the end? I'm just asking.

These individuals are both Atheist and Believers, and neither group seem to possess any significant differences between how either live. Sure the Believers will attend a church occasionally if it fits their schedule, the church looks nice and members look like them, and they don't feel guilty about anything while attending once a week. This is why Jesus says we should either be hot or cold.

The Atheist are similar in respect to how they treat friends, family, work mates, etc with little, to no ,gratitude. They live with an orphan mentality, meaning, they will only show respect if someone gives them respect first. Orphans have to compete to show their value so that they can prove who they are, then they can earn the love of others. Jesus says he came so that we would not live like orphans, but as Sons and Daughters.

If you sit these two groups down together they claim to be vastly different in every way possible. However neither are living for their true purpose, are they? Neither are morally good examples of how we should live our life, but we ask them for advice, guidance, feedback, etc. Why would a blind man lead another blind man? If you are truly searching for a purpose in life, I would plead with you, never seek counsel from either group.

If you feel like you are part of either group, don't be offended by my questions. I'm just asking why they think this way. Who told them that they weren't worth anything, or that they are worth so little life doesn't matter? How are we taught such lies? We are all incredibly gifted in such unique ways, but we allow the world to suck us in with lies. Our minds are ensnared like barbed wire with uncontrollable thoughts, and we start believing that this is as good as it gets. You don't have to live this way my friend. Right now God is working, and you will see what He's doing at just the right time. He may not be early but He will never be late.

Both the Believers and Atheists believe in suffering temporarily in order to give to someone else, or donate to some place or person they'll never see. All in the effort of feeling like a good person for a moment. Then it's back to the routine or "grind". Both groups are dying on the inside, both are lying to themselves about their purpose, neither want to risk stepping out into a wilderness of growth or change. If change starts with us, and that is the toughest thing to face, then no wonder we go around blaming others for what is wrong.

Is this how we should live and believe? Take No risks, No chances. Experience No real personal growth. Don't face fears. Don't take on obstacles. Run from dirty messes. Make No mistakes. Live with No uncertainty. No swimming against the current. No more questioning everything. No hearts racing.
This is not the life God intended for us to live and you can change it all today.

Make up your mind that you're not going to quit until you see the fruit of what God has placed within you.

It's easy to say "whatever" or "you don't understand" isn't it? Nobody needs to understand you for you to become the difference you want to see in the world around you. Right? There are situations that can be outside of our control, and this is understandable as well. The point is, don't get stuck there and think you're at a dead end. Are you still thinking about my original question? I am not asking just to get an answer, most of these questions are rhetorical to make you think inwardly. You don't owe me anything and I'm not here to make you change what you might think is "okay". However, if you can't honestly answer the first question, then what or who does your heart beat for?

Jobs, titles, money, family, friends, degrees, material possessions, etc...put all that aside, why are you here today? It kills me inside that you may not have an answer, because there was once a time when I didn't either. I grew up not knowing the answer and that's alright, but that was the old me and I don't know that person any more now that I know what I'm worth. You can start finding yourself and understanding your value right now.

If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world. ― C.S. Lewis

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