How To Turn Facebook into Faith book...or Something

I'm taking a break from Facebook for a while...

How many times have you heard this from people in churches? Thanks to technology we can now add this to our list of things to give up, let go of, or use for a fast. I say, why not just turn your depressing old news feed into something that will encourage you to read about Jesus more.

We love to think that "giving something up" for a period of time will help us with our relationship with Jesus, and for some this might be true. Maybe we pulled this practice from Lent, fasting, or a religious practice our parents grew up following. If there is a deep-rooted reason that you want to do such a thing, and God is really talking to your heart, then do it. But if it isn't sincere, if it isn't going to really change something in your life on a real level, then why pretend.

Here's a crazy idea, let's go to the Living Word. Sorry I won't give you any other book to read at this point 🙂

There are 39 versus listed on this link that talk about giving up all to follow Jesus. So while we are talking about Facebook, how about we just be honest. Give up all you have and are if you are serious about following Jesus and you won't have to worry about letting everyone know why you haven't liked their status in a while.

If you're with me still, let's get back on point.

Step 1: Remove every single news page, gossip page, sports page, or celebrity page from your news page. This will be easy right? You don't worship any of these people or things do you?

Step 2: Start following pages that post topics about the Bible, Volunteering, and Christian topics.

Take a break along with a deep breath. You made it. Wait, did you want me to give you a few suggestions outside of what you are following? Well no problem.

Just a short list of some of the pages I follow. Now when I go to my news feed I have an opportunity to renew my mind and focus on God. I've found that while looking through my news feed I am even more conscious of telling others that I am praying for them or encouraging them to seek God deeper. If I was only focused on myself, my desires/obsessions with sports or news/gossip then what would it matter to me if someone else is having a worse day than I am. Jesus calls us to humble ourselves and serve others, not just on the weekend, but every single day. I often find myself referencing my phone to share a word with someone I meet, and sometimes that helps me start a discussion of hope with someone that needs it. See if we are truly directed by the Spirit of God then we will use every tool He has given us in sharing His Word and our testimony with other people. If we act like Facebook is the problem in our lives, then I bet it is safe to say that there are bigger things that God wants to prune from your life.


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