How Is Your Relationship Doing?

What a loaded question to ask right? Do I have to know you to be aware that you are struggling?

We might hear that question and most of us would immediately connect it to some personal relationship. Then we would become a little guarded, maybe, and start to wonder who was talking about our relationship(s). Right? Let's just be honest. I might say, depending on who it is asking, "well who have you been talking to about me?" I would be nervous to answer about just one relationship, so that I wouldn't convict myself saying something about one of the multiple issues I might be hiding. I mean we have spouses, family, friends, co-workers, mentors, acquaintances, or that special someone we might be dating. That is a long list to consider with such a question dropped on us unsuspectingly. Just being honest, I might just give the nonchalant answer of "oh everything is fine" and laugh it off while running away or changing the subject. It's always easier to disregard the real issues right?

But what about the most important relationship of all that we aren't taught to acknowledge the way we should daily?

Do we even think about how the Spirit of God sits inside the movie theater of our hearts and minds watching everything we do each day? Do we even pay attention to the groans of the Spirit whispering to us and desiring, so desperately, to talk with Him? I'm ashamed to admit that the first 30 years of my life I ignored that voice. I did not have a fear or awe of who my Abba Father is and why He put me here. And yes, I was miserable for those 30 years. Then I gave up what I thought was important and started listening/talking with God about His plans for me. Talking is praying, and reading His living Word reveals the mysteries of His plan for us. I no longer live with doubt, frustration, anger, confusion, depression, or being offending.

How are you feeling about your life right now?

Right now, this very moment, can you go find a stranger and honestly confess how much God loves you? We love shoes, we love our favorite outfit, we love people, we love food, we love movies, we really love sports, we love shopping, we love fishing, get the point. But when do we fit in love for God? At church? If that is the only time we show our Abba Father love then it is no wonder why we blame Him, complain to Him, doubt Him, and quit on Him. He wants to see us full of joy, not empty happiness, and full of peace regardless of how many storms might be raging in our lives. That is the only way we can really show who He is to the lost, broken, orphaned, sick, and homeless. We can't fabricate who He is to this dying earth if our relationship with Him only happens one day a week. I'm sorry, I've tried that and failed.  We should never be fixated on a pastor, speaker, author, singer, book or movie that talks eloquently about our Father God. Those things are great, but should be a far second to reading His Word. The Bible simply tells us to follow Jesus, walk in the Spirit, make disciples, and love one another. The Bible even warns us about listening to things that tickle our ears, making us comfortable and ignoring the whole Word of God. If we become complacently comfortable then we aren't growing in Him by allowing Him to constantly mold us in His hands.

Our Father went bankrupt to pay the price to restore the relationship that was broken by the sin of man, and you can't repay that. You can only accept it as a gift. However, following Jesus isn't the easy path, and it isn't safe either. Read the Gospels. The disciples were ridiculed, beat, imprisoned and murdered and they counted it all joy. All of their struggles were counted as joy. To die is gain, and we must die to ourselves daily. Fully and completely. Surrender all. Not just some. Do not give God your left overs at the end of the day. With your first awakening breath give Him praise, brush your teeth telling Him how amazing He is. Make your coffee thanking Him for the beautiful day set before you. In traffic talk to Him about everything on your mind. At work and in your meetings or at your desk just think about how He is right there inside of you. Hold nothing back and hide nothing from Him. Every thought, every desire, worry, fear - give it to Him.

Matthew 11
29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Christ calls a profession of faith in him, and subjection to his ordinances, a yoke, in allusion to the law of Moses, and in distinction from it; and a "burden", with respect to the very heavy ones the Scribes and Pharisees laid upon the shoulders of the people, obliging them to a strict observance of them; though of a different nature from either of them; "for his commandments are not grievous", hard and heavy to be borne, as their's were, but "easy and light": not that they are so to unregenerate men, or are easily performed by the strength of nature, and power of men's free will: but they are good and amiable, and lovely in their own nature, and are cheerfully complied with, and abundance of spiritual pleasure and delight is enjoyed in them by believers, when they have the presence of God, the assistance of his Spirit, and the discoveries of his love. Moreover, the commands of Christ, and the ordinances of the Gospel, are so in comparison of the law of Moses; which required perfect obedience, but gave no strength to perform, and threatened with condemnation and death, in case of the least failure; and of the numerous, and some very severe rites and usages of the ceremonial law; and of the bulky and heavy traditions of the elders, and ordinances of men.

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