Do You Hear That Noise?

Do you hear that? That pounding in your chest? He gave you that, it woke you up this morning. It is the sole reason your body is able to function today. His heart stopped beating so that your heart could live. You are allowed to live thanks to the loving kindness of your Father in Heaven, yet you ignore Him. Do you bring Him your leftovers? The little bit of time you have left at the end of the day. The leftover scraps of your attention and consciousness after the day has robbed you. How full of ourselves, how self-centered and prideful have we become? I know, deep down inside you are ready to break into a million pieces. You are barely holding on to what you feel emotionally attached to. Why do you want to continue living this way? What have you heard about who you are? Think about it. Are you enjoying this dark valley the world has you trapped in? Read: John 3:19

People never admit to loving themselves to the extent of being full of themselves. But every time you are around them the only topic of discussion is them. If you eat chocolate all the time, then you love chocolate. Make sense? We have to move into a mindset that everything is not about us. Sorry. That is where freedom starts, by losing control of our own life. Yeah, that's confusing right? The best thing to do is to not focus so much on one particular thing, kind of like meditating or praying. I'm a worship leader and a prayer warrior, and what I love most about both is that it frees my mind of every thought. Get in a quiet place with a Bible, or turn some good music up loud. Let go.

People never admit to loving money over everything do they? Yet they are always spending it on themselves in some fashion. Or they want you to know how much they give to this or that. Or they make an excuse that they just make too much of it, so they have to spend it somewhere. Even worse, they spend more money than what they make and go into debt. They buy or rent houses, cars, electronics that they cannot afford on their month-to-month income. One bad month and they immediately go into poverty mode and never acknowledge that they are living outside of their means. I'm not against giving freely, my wife and I do it consistently, but you will never hear us boast or complain. As a matter of fact, in the majority of situations, we are more blessed from our reckless giving. I can consciously count the days in between our giving to receiving a blessing. Which way should we live? Read: 2 Timothy 3

None of this means you are at a dead end. I do not point this out to condemn you, instead I want us to be aware of where we are. You will never change if you do not come to a realization that change needs to take place. How else will you acknowledge what your Abba Father has delivered you from? Read: Hebrews 12

Do not think that I haven’t walked through this valley, how else would I know it so well in order to speak with you about it. If you can’t run out of your valley, just start crawling. That is a start. Arm yourself by reading the Word of God and if you do not know what to pray just whisper the name of Jesus. If you are not in a church, call a prayer line and ask them to pray with you. If you are alone search for a church that understands outreach or discipleship with a heart to teach you what relationship is. Install InstaPray on your phone and post a prayer. You do not have an excuse about being alone any longer.

Remember the conquering of sin requires suffering, but the Bible promises you victory. You have to know this and choose which path you want to take. I cannot hold your hand and tell you what to do, this is up to you now. If you are hungry and always need to call me for food, then what good am I really doing. I honestly cannot help everyone, I wish I could, only the finished work of Jesus does this. Read: Hebrews 12 (Again)

Do not be surprised when the people, who say they care about you, start to fall to the side as you start this journey. Your Father will bring new people into your life that will lift you up with words of help and encouragement. Words of honesty and boldness. It may not make sense at first, but just keep crawling forward and talk to God daily. Even if you do not hear Him at first, just keep doing it and then listen. Listen.

The entire satanic bible is built around one saying, “Do what you want...”. Is this what you want to live associated with? I’m sorry, but ignorance does not keep us safe when all the answers are at our fingertips. Literally. Do not hold onto certain things and only let go of a few. There is no specified time frame as to how quickly you need to do this, again that is up to you. Just don’t read this scripture: James 4

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