Do Our Eyes Play Tricks On Us?

Do you ever think about the hundreds of things that go on without your eyes noticing each day?

Take a look at this image, can you tell what it is?


It almost doesn't look real...does it? Stare at it just a little longer, let your mind try and convince you that it can understand what it is you are looking at. Dark liquid. Jelly fish. Amoeba. What? This is a slow motion capture of a drop of milk hitting coffee. You knew that though right? Sure you did lol. Feel like trying another? This isn't as zoomed in but it still isn't something you'll see everyday.


The image above is a frozen bubble. If you are a visual person like me, things like this amaze me. I even learn faster if I visualize it being done first and can picture series of numbers in my mind to commit them to memory instantly. So what does all of this have to do with God? Other than the fact that He gave us sight, but hold on, I'm getting there.

Did You Know?

Researchers from the University of Glasgow have shown that when parts of our vision are blocked, the brain steps in to fill in the blanks. The team from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology conducted a series of experiments that showed how our brains predict what cannot be seen by drawing on our previous experiences to build up an accurate picture. Read more at:

7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

If this is feeling more like a science project I apologize, but not really. I'm just talking about our eyes here. How can a single piece of our body be so completely complex and intricate that humans think our entire bodies, minds and souls came from a pool of bacteria? Quit lying to yourself.

Just glance at the chart above, it only gives you 7 facts. It is astonishing and points to a creator above anything else.

I understand we can't see God, but you don't see the air you breath do you. Do you see the millions of bacteria in your stomach that digest the food you eat. Do you have to remind your liver or kidney to keep working everyday. I mean you never see your organs. You don't think about breathing to live. You don't see the blood being pumped from your heart to the rest of your body.

Have you stopped to think how the root system of every plant, shrub, and tree defy the law of gravity every single day to pull in the poison we cannot breathe. Then it takes that carbon dioxide and through photosynthesis the plant someone knows to produce oxygen for us to breath. A pool of bacteria figured that out? Right.

I love how the Bible tells us to not lean on our own understanding and trust God with all our heart. Ask the Spirit of God to teach you, to focus on love that builds up and not knowledge that puffs up. I am in awe of the work of my Father each and every day. If you aren't, what do you appreciate from Him? When we learn to let go of the things we pretend to control. When we let go of all of the meaningless knowledge we are driven to consume. When we focus on the simplicity of helping others without expecting anything in return. That is where we will see God in action.

I hear His whisper..."Gaze upon Me"

Come and look on My face. Gaze into My glory until you are transformed. I will give you new eyes, MY EYES, which will give you true understanding. I call you to look through My eyes. When you look through My eyes the world around you will change. When you see the sick, I see them healed. When you see the lost I see them asleep and ready to be awakened, when you see darkness approaching I see the enemy defeated, and when I look at you I see you completed, made whole and beautiful, with nothing lacking.

Come and gaze on My countenance until your eyes focus to see clearly. I give you My EYES through which to see, for when you see ashes, I see beauty, when you see limitations I see miracles, and when you look upon heartache and pain, I see the future breakthrough. Look with My eyes and everything changes.

When you look through My eyes of love you will things as they truly are. Crooked things I will straighten, weak and feeble people, I will strengthen with power. I call you to end your premature judgments and come before My throne and gaze upon Me. Have I not turned your sorrow into dancing? Have I not filled your heart to overflowing? Have I not turned your darkness into light? This is how My sons and daughters must live and move and speak: I will complete the good work I have begun in you until all of you is consumed by all of Me!

From today forward I am calling you to lay aside your blindness and take My healing eye-salve, the revelation of My love, and see everything differently. You will be known as sons and daughters of the Living God as you speak with purity and clear vision. I will show you the secrets of what is to come when your eyes have been healed and you look upon My throne. I give you this day TRUE VISION that springs from revelation and understanding. Your eyes will be anointed to see beyond the moment and call things that are not, as though they are. I have given you this gift of discerning grace that you might bring hope where others have lost courage. Take this healing eye-salve of love to the people and watch what I will do as you speak My words and see with My eyes.

Luke 8:17 The Passion Translation

"Because this revelation-lamp now shines within you, nothing will be hidden from you—it will all be revealed. Every secret of the Kingdom will be unveiled and out in the open, made known by the revelation-light."

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