What Is Communion Really About?

Why do we really take communion with our Abba Father? Do we mock God when we break this promise every time we consciously sin instead of honoring Him? Jesus was completely man while sharing the Good News about His Father with the lost. He was the visible representation of the invisible God, and we are called to be imitators of this. Yet we hide behind our church clothes, fake smiles, and "amen's" after we hear a scripture we like. Hearing the parts of the Bible we do not like, convict us through the Spirit, and we ignore the hard truth. How did the Gospel of Jesus become so watered down and sugar coated?

How backwards have we twisted the real Gospel of Jesus while sitting in seats all facing forward, staring at a person talking to us. Then we go home and start our week all over again, never spending time with God ourself. Ignoring the relationship that was created on a cross, establishing a new covenant with our Abba Father through His son. We never talk to anyone that makes us feel uncomfortable. We only talk to our neighbors if they look like us. We only give to charities that make us feel good about ourselves. We only pray for people if we "feel led" to do so. We walk on the edge of a cliff, balancing on a tight wire with our feet between pleasing the world and thinking we aren't good enough for Heaven. We love the world and expect God to answer our prayers that come from hearts of stone. In Luke 14 Jesus stood in front of thousands and He didn't say you can all follow me if you want. He said you better hate everyone, even your own life, if you truly want to be my disciple. He continues and explains that they better think it through, in order to completely understand the cost. If they didn't then they would be mocked by the world for quitting half way through. That isn't what Jesus wanted from his disciples, He didn't want someone that was going to be a part-time servant for His Kingdom. What do you want?

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