Do You Hunger to Learn the Gospel?

I talk with individuals or families all the time and I hear a lot of the same things. Just today I sat with a family and after we talked I asked them what they wanted specific prayer for. The son and the mother both wanted unity in their family so that the rest of their family would follow them to church as well. I saw a hunger in the fathers eyes and I saw warmth in the mothers smile, there was sincerity in them. A desire. I asked if they prayed together at home, they said no. I pleaded with them to begin praying in the middle of the house every day and to start seeking God's Word daily. He will take care of the rest, I said. Then when other family members see and hear you spending time talking with God, the Spirit will touch their heart at the right place and the right time. Prompting questions and discussion.

We must all understand that we are not called to save everyone, and we are not called to change anyone. That is Gods will and desire over us all, but to see change we have to be the change. Let God change you first, others will see it, and through you He will change them.

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